Sheet Music Arrangements of Popular Songs

Most pop songs are copyrighted and therefore, the licensing can be difficult to attain to create sheet music arrangements.

I have elected to offer my sheet music arrangements for piano and other instruments at the popular website, Sheet Music Plus!

Click the links below to find instant digital downloads for each song.


Je Te Laisserai Des Mots Piano Sheet Music

This lovely song by Patrick Watson is available in both an easy and an advanced version.


Easy Version

I see the Light (Piano solo from Disney's "Tangled")

This arrangement was made especially for a close friend to walk down the aisle at her wedding. Now that SMP is allowing us to sell Disney songs as PDF downloads, it's available to you!

buy "i see the light" piano sheet music solo from Tangled



drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo

"drivers license"  is a song by Olivia Rodrigo that has become super popular on tiktok in 2021. The intro to the song is the sound of a car starting (imitated in this piano sheet music arrangement by a Bb that is repeated).

A tale of teenage unrequited love, "drivers license" is relatable and expertly written, with a lovely vocal part, a teasing sing-song like bridge, and simple piano harmony.

buy "drivers license" piano sheet music solo

easy white key version piano sheet music soloof "drivers license"

string quartet arrangement - coming soon

blinding lights by the weeknd

This song just took me straight back to the 80's. It has a driving beat and is just all over generally fun! I even tried to learn the tiktok dance that accompanied it (and failed miserably!)

buy "Blinding Lights" piano sheet music

positions by Ariana Grande

This catchy song as made famous by Ariana Grande has a cool, repetitive guitar part with a Latin feel.

buy "positions" piano sheet music